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The Owen Foundation's Story

Brina founded The Owen Foundation with a mission to pave the way for Autistic and Special Abilities families in our community by way of education, awareness and inclusiveness. 


Brina’s son, Owen, who was diagnosed with Autism in late 2017. Owen has attended Applied Behavior Analysis therapy in McKinney since February 2018, because it isn’t a readily available therapy in the Texoma area; therefore, another mission of Brina's is to develop and/or migrate those therapies here, in Texoma.


Prior to Owen's diagnosis, Brina was a retail business owner for ten years, and before that her career was in Medical Sales & Clinical Management. Once Owen's diagnosis became official, her focus shifted to making sure Owen had all of the opportunities necessary to have a meaningful and impactful life. Realizing the struggles of an autism parent, she then decided to share her knowledge and research with other families through The Owen Foundation.


Brina has a degree in Organizational & Strategic Communication. She has also completed the Registered Behavior Technician training from The University of Texas San Antonio to better understand ABA therapy procedures and protocols. 

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At The Owen Foundation, our Mission is simple, and that is, to enrich the lives of children on the autism spectrum.


An autism diagnosis can be daunting, but it doesn't have to be. Raising a child on the autism spectrum can be challenging and overwhelming. That is why we have gathered all of the local resources necessary to help families navigate through their autism journey. We are here to encourage, strengthen and educate parents and caretakers by equipping them with the tools and information necessary to help their child succeed. In addition, we strive to educate the general public about autism and raise awareness by hosting educational seminars throughout the year. Lastly, we aim for inclusivity of all children with special needs by hosting sports camps and special events throughout the year. 


Our Vision is that our community as a whole will view The Owen Foundation as a resource HUB as it relates to Autism and Special Needs... that the knowledge and education we contribute to the community will be a reflection of our core values. That we will not only strengthen our community by way of autism education, but also enable those community members, parents, and caretakers to help others facing the same challenges.

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