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Parent Support Director

Personal Profile


Meet our Parent Support Director, Dedra Gallegos. Dedra is a stay at home “Warrior” Mom of her “Warrior” Teenager, Tad. You may be wondering, what is a “Warrior” Mom?  This is a Mom of a Chronically Ill Special Needs Child. On top of regular Mom duties she’s a dedicated expert in attending Evaluations, Therapies, Treatments, Doctor’s Visits, and research. When her child is not in therapy, she is the therapist at home. She’s the nurse always on call-monitoring symptoms, sorting and giving medications and supplements. She’s the advocate and voice for her child, especially when he’s unable to use his. She’s his #1 supporter, biggest cheerleader, and fan. Most importantly, she is determined to give her child everything he needs to succeed in his world while giving God the glory one day at a time. 


Dedra received her Bachelors in Organizational and Strategic Communications and Business Leadership from Southeastern Oklahoma State University. She met her Soulmate, Michael, in college and they have been together for 21 years and married for 17 years. Michael is a “Warrior” Dad and Tad’s biggest Fan.  Dedra is a proud Choctaw Tribal Member and served 21 years working for the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma prior to becoming a stay at home Mom. 


Dedra’s wish is to share Tad’s Journey with other “Warrior” families in hopes that it will help educate and inspire them along their own journey. The Owen Foundation has opened the door for Dedra to be able to follow her hearts desire-to inspire and help others and she’s truly grateful for this opportunity. We are so thankful to have Dedra serve on the board of our foundation.

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