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Speech Language Pathologist Program Director​

Personal Profile


Meet Courtney Rhudy, our Speech Language Pathologist Program Director. Courtney is a school based Speech-Language Pathologist in Southeastern Oklahoma. She currently provides speech and language interventions to ages 3-21 years old in the Tushka Public School district. Courtney graduated from Oklahoma State University with bachelors in Communication Sciences & Disorders and master’s degree in Speech Language Pathology.


Courtney’s job as a school based SLP is to help with any student having a difficult time in the classroom, on the playground, or at home with speaking, listening, following directions, or expressing thoughts, as well as, helping to improve quality of voice, articulation of speech sounds, and fluency. She enjoys working with each of her students, and loves each of their unique personalities! 

Apart from school, she takes pleasure in crafting, reading, music, television, and spending time with her family. Furthermore, she loves acquiring new information! Fun facts, new research findings, and even useless information keeps her entertained; which is probably why social media is her guilty pleasure. We are so blessed to have Courtney serve on the board of The Owen Foundation.

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